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Dark Cut 2

Release Date: December 10th, 2007
Genre: Quick, War, Blood Splatter
Play Count: 3,866,540 (as of 2015)
Rating: 77


(Does not work as of right now.)

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/406657 (Does still work through there downloadable Flash player.)

Dark cut 2 home

Dark Cut 2 Home Screen

Dark Cut 2 is the second installment of Dark Cut series of games and the sequel of original Dark Cut. It is created by jmtb02 and released by Armor Games on December 10th, 2007.

Dark Cut 2 becomes unplayable as of January 12th, 2021 due to Adobe Flash Player's end-of-line. The best known way to play the game concurrently is on Newgrounds through their Downloadable Flash Player.


According to the gameplay's theme, a player takes the role of a Union Medic in the American Civil War. During the battle, many fatally-injured Union soldiers are needed to be treated in the camp. Failure to recover one the soldiers would be a game over.

There are four operations needed to be completed as follows:

  • Unknown Union Soldier 1
    • First injured soldier is shown with a bullet having punctured his arm.
  • Unknown Union Soldier 2
    • The surgery involves a head injury due to the shrapnel damage done by an explosion during the battle.
  • Unknown Union Soldier 3
    • The treatment shows that the patient has been infested by an insect parasite and must be neutralized.
  • Yourself
    • Sudden cannon explosion causes the tent to be destroyed during the third surgery, making it a lose-lose treatment procedure. The player's leg is revealed to be punctured by large wooden shrapnel and he must be amputated with a little amount of health remaining.


The gameplay itself returns the stars within the area of surgery. However, there are few changes and improvements from the previous game:

  • Tools are manually selected that can be seen on bottom leftmost part of the screen. They are colored in silhouettes but they are named when a mouse pointer hovers onto it.
  • Drunkenness meter is added to help the patient sedated and slow down the decrease of health points. It is helpful to simplify the game's speed handicap and difficulty.
  • Health points are no longer static. Starting at 100, it serves as a countdown timer depending on the player's speed and performance throughout the procedure. Also, the tools used on a patient painfully won't lose points faster if the drunkenness meter is filled up.
  • Every image and graphics in the game are now photorealistic, unlike in a previous game when backgrounds and objects are hand-drawn. Also, blood and pus are improved realistically.

There are four stages in total for the whole game. The instructions are carried out and some of the tools are highlighted on the first stage, whenever they first and new to be used during the surgery. However, they are no longer highlighted after the first use so the player must learn the ways of treating the patient quickly and carefully.

Once the procedure ends in a bad way, by running out of health points or by forcing the shrapnel into the second patient's head, the screen fades into negative-white and the flatline is heard before the screen shows the tombstone of a fallen soldier. Fortunately, unlike in the previous game, a player can repeat the same surgery over again.

When completing one of the surgeries, it can be played again by selecting "Level Select" on main menu screen and choose which surgery to play, since the progress has been saved on the client-side web database.


Here is the list of tools used in the game as shown on the procedure's toolbar:

Tools indicated with "*" are new to this game.

Achievements and Easter Egg[]

To add challenges within the game, there are seven achievements and one easter egg.


  1. Apprentice: Attained by completing the first surgery.
  2. Brain Surgeon: Attained by completing second surgery.
  3. Infection: Attained by completing the third surgery.
  4. Master Surgeon: Attained by completing the final surgery.
  5. Take the Pain: Complete any surgery with less than 5% health.
  6. Good Sport: Get 100% on the "Will to Live" bar during the final surgery.
  7. Town Drunk: Intoxicate a patient to 100% Drunkness.
  8. Easter Egg

Easter Egg:[]

Dc2 easter egg 1

By clicking the "2" on the Dark Cut 2 logo on the top left corner of the main menu screen, the game will present the creator's first flash ever created in 2002. It is showcased as follows:

"This is my first Flash movie ever.

I included it so I can look back and see how far I have come since 2002, when I opened up Flash MX for the first time."

When you press "Play", you will be proceeded to watch the creator's first Flash animation. It shows a penguin walking down the sidewalk. It turns and walks to the edge of a cliff, and then jumps off of it and falls into a body of water. The penguin floats to the seafloor. The penguin walks around and sees a large pipe sucking in large amounts of water. The penguin gets too close and accidentally gets sucked in. He travels down the pipe and finally comes out the other end of the pipe connected to a toilet in the stall. The toilet overflows as he gets out of the toilet and leaves the comfort room. It is revealed that he has entered Starbucks. He throws a coin into the tip container, grabs a drink from the counter and walks out the building. He walks down a sidewalk again, turns, leaves off the screen.

An end slide comes with "The End" in the middle of the screen and the penguin inside the red airplane above the text.

Dc2 easter egg 2


The soundtrack for this game is contributed by MaestroRage known for composing the epic neo-orchestra and neo-classical music.