Dark Cut 3
Release November 12, 2008
Genre Quick, Scary, Blood Splatter,
Plays 3,026,810
Rating 83

Descripton[edit | edit source]

Dark Cut 3  is the third and largest installation of the Dark Cut series. The goal in this game is to revive your family tree by operating on family members in the past, as many of the player's family members have died in war or other causes.

There are 5 surgeries and 3 treatments in the game, along with 4 achievements and an Easter Egg.


  1. John Martin, Soldier lost a finger and is Bleeding profusely,
  1. Linda Rausfeld, Nurse has lost leg to grenade,
  2. Joseph Francis, Soldier writes his final words,
  3. Mark Tory, Soldier on submarine has sustained shoulder damage,
  4. Log Out (Yourself), Click to logout,

    Dark Cut 3 Family Tree

Treatments: (Non-timed, much easier surgeries)

  1. Guy Meadows, Extreme pustules need relieving,
  2. Sarah Thompson, Leg bone broke skin from fall,
  3. Buaa Mcdonaldson, Crash survivor unable to move, needs help removing ticks,

Achievements and Easter Egg[edit | edit source]

There are 4 achievements and 1 easter egg in Dark Cut 3.


  1. Hypersleep: Attained by sedating a patient until their sedation reaches 100.
  2. Near-Death: Attained by completing a surgery when a patient has one health point left.
  3. Rewind: Attained by failing a surgery and attempting the same one again.
  4. Credited: Attained by completing the game.

Easter Egg:

By clicking on the bottom right barcode while on the main menu, on your screen will come an obese person with black curly hair, a yellow shirt, blue pants and brown shoes stuffing his mouth with a pie. Over him, a text in green says,

"Computers are so FUNNY

I have put an easter egg in the game to show how funny I am! Oh ho ho! I will laugh myself to sleep mode!"

And under the person is a dark grey text that says,

"Remember 29121"

The true meaning to this code is unknown, but there have been some theories. Some people think it is a code for a next Dark Cut game.29121 is also the genome ID for homo 


Dark Cut 3 Easter Egg.

Click here for the Dark Cut 3 Easter Egg.

Tools Used[edit | edit source]

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